En general, adquirimos nuestra lengua materna escuchando, luego hablando, después aprendemos a leer y finalmente a escribir. Para aprender inglés o cualquier otro idioma es necesario desarrollar estas cuatro habilidades: escuchar, hablar, leer y escribir.

En esta plataforma encontrarás recursos y actividades que te permitirán practicar o reforzar estas habilidades.

Una de las formas de medir el nivel de comprensión y expresión oral y escrita de los idiomas, es seguir las pautas descritas el Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las Lenguas, que organizan las habilidades y conocimientos en los Niveles A1 a B2.

Si apenas vas a comenzar el estudio del inglés, te sugerimos seguir el orden propuesto: empezar por el nivel A1 y concluir con el nivel B2.

Aprovecha todos estos recursos y actividades sin limitaciones.

¡Empieza a disfrutar del inglés!


Aquí encontrarás diversos temas para estudiar y repasar el idioma, con ejemplos de diferentes contextos y situaciones cotidianas.


Mejora tus habilidades para hablar, escribir, leer y escuchar en inglés… ¡Elige lo que quieras practicar!

Voice memory

Let me show you my photo album

International Dance Day

Dangerous sports

Travel Plans

Travel Plans

At the aquarium

Party time!

Planet Zephyrus KB3



Public places rules

Chocolate chips recipe

Choosing the correct replay

This and these

Listen and fill in the blanks.

Identify the number

Identify the images

Events on a daily agenda

Fill in the blanks

True or False

Future Simple

When traveling

Traveling around the world

Means of transportation

Routine or suggestion?

Indefinite articles A and An

Fill in the gaps / Get the main idea

Fill in the gaps / Get the main idea

Listening to numbers

Object pronouns

Object pronoun

Order of adjectives

Going shopping

Getting the idea

Sally´s Trip

The first solo flight across the Atlantic

Avoid the misunderstandings

Regular Verbs Matching

Regular Verbs

Regular Verbs

Were you really afraid?

My Last Vacation

My Last Vacation - Activity 2

Listening to personal titles

Listening to diaglogues

Josh and the vegetables

The pet shop

A weekend tour in Mexico City

Listening to directions to get to a place

Listening to directions to get to a place - Activity 2

Listen to future plans

Do you have good memory?

Present continuous

Third person pronunciation


Listening what Rachel and Lulu have

Listening what Rachel and Lulu have

You look like you feel

Problems and remedies

Celebrity Ghost Stories


-ED Pronunciation

American Society: Meeting someone

Linda´s chores and spare time

Music and pronouns

Parts of the house

Spelling in English


What´s the problem?

How good are you at listening? - Activity 1

How good are you at listening? - Activity 2

WH words

WH Words

Listening Comprehension

Choose the question which doesn´t correspond

My Family Album

Zero conditional

Zero conditional

Guess who?

You are the law!

The Mountain God and the River God

Going shopping!

Travel Plans

Travel Plans

Little Blue Shiny Shoes

Tea party

Activities at school

School Rules

How things can be done

How to ask a favor

Rules around the world

Mother´s recipe for success

I like the jacket... which jacket?

Color the clothes

Animal text

English and spanish plurals

Identifying time (analog clock)

Identifying time (digital clock)

First conditional

First conditional

Marianne´s robot

Visiting San Francisco

If you visit Mexico City


Routine or sugestion?

Transportation problems and solutions

El pueblo de Los Angeles

Identify the central ideas

Identify the central ideas

Mr. Robinson´s Company

A short story

Memory game

Cloze test

The natural order of adjectives

Time capsule: Will Smith

Word Search

Jumping Rabbit

An ancient sport

Memory Game

The first man in space

The first man in space

A Strange Dream

A Strange Dream - Activity 2

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain - Activity 2

Kurt Cobain - Activity 3

Reading and comprehending a short text using titles and occupations.

My Friend David

Organize your kitchen

Guess who?

Amazing race!

The Crime Scene

Reading and comprehending in a short text the location of some places

Reading and comprehending in a short text the location of some places - Activity 2

Do you have good memory?

George´s plans

Time expressions for the future

Present continuous

Present continuous

Present continuous

Present continuous

Daily activities


Susan´s diet

Susan´s diet - Activity 2

What´s the problem?


Ghost encounter

Ghost encounter 2

Jim Carrey Biography

Calvin and Marvin the Twin brothers

Kathy´s email


Make plans with Sarah



My nightmare vacation

Apartment problems and some tricks - Activity 1

Apartment problems and some tricks - Activity 2

WH Words

WH Words

Choose the best option to answer the questions

Choose the correct option

Meet the Garcias

Choose the best option to complete the sentence

Zero conditional

Missing! Somebody Help!


Smile White and the Seven Dots

Wild animals

Travel Plans

Travel Plans

My friend is pregnant!

Exotic food around the world

Expressing ability

How many different activities can you do?

Ask for permission

Do me a favor

Rules to date a girl in the past

What´s in the kitchen?

Which shirt is white?

Messy room

Completing the sentences

Save the Titanic!

First conditional


Pro and Cons

Great Britain

World´s map. What you will experience if you travel around the world

Dangerous situations

Anxious friend

Choosing a job

Your job at the information department

Complete the sentences

Stating responsibility and obligation

Stating responsibility and obligation

Writing numbers

Writing numbers

Object pronouns

Object pronouns

Order of adjectives

Rewrite the sentences

Approrpiate tenses

Things about me

Tell me what you did yesterday

Activities in the past


Write the regular verbs in the past tense

Identify actions in the past

Write about the past

A detective is requiring you to testify

Childhood memories

Childhood memories - Activity 2

Childhood memories - Activity 3

Write personal information

Write personal information

A Beautiful Butterfly!

An invitation for your birthday party

Writing complete sentences using prepositions

Writing complete sentences using prepositions - Activity 2

Writing complete sentences using prepositions - Activity 3


What about you?


Question forms and telling time

Trudy helps you

Pronouns – Reflexive and Possessive Pronouns

Writing complete sentences using have need like and want

Writing complete sentences using have need like and want - Activity 2

Many problems

Fast give me a suggestion!


Snakes and ladders

Simple past Regular verbs

The Sanchez´ last vacation

Forming sentences

Scrambled sentences

Describe the pictures

Simple Present and frequency adverbs - Writing 4

Do something different this summer!

Personal Pronouns – Subject

Fill the blanks

Verb to be

Indefinite articles

Frank´s family

Writing an e-mail

An e-mail

What are these people doing?

What are these people doing? - Activity 2

WH Words

WH Words

Make questions with the words given

Write questions to the answers given

Create your friend´s family

Write Conditional Sentences

Complete the sentences

More Descriptions

The one

The art gallery

At the supermarket

Travel Plans

Travel Plans

Asking questions

Dialogue about someone else

New abilities

Discuss abilities

Could I/you please…?

Describing a breakfast table

Countable and uncountable

Completing a shopping list


Let´s go shopping!

Singular versus plurals

Singular versus plurals

Invite someone to an event

First Conditional Sentences

First conditional

Teenager from the future

Giving advice

Convincing speech

On the phone at the information department

What´s the correct form?

Recording numbers from 0 to 20



Describe the pictures

Talk about a famous person

Speaking about the past

Talking about Jimbo´s last weekend



Party description

My last birthday

My last birthday - Activity 2

Recording short sentences using titles

Recording your own presentation or description

Where are these things?

Be a journalist!

Recording short sentences using prepositions of place and giving directions

Ask someone about their plans

Make plans with Sarah

Are you going to the party?


A day in Ana’s life

Be nice and give your advice

Preparing food

Coherent advice

Rodrigo needs your help

Regular verbs

Hallowing Party

Going out with friends

Your friend´s activities

Me and the Movies

What Steve usually does and what happens in a concert with Steve´s friends

Describe the picture

What is there in this room?

Vocabulary/ occupations

Speaking hints

Syllable stress

Speaking description


Declining an invitation

Tell me about your plans

Tell me about your plans - Activity 2

WH Words

WH Words

Say the questions aloud

Make questions to the answers

My family

Zero conditional

Zero conditional


Practica para mejorar tu dominio del idioma con estas actividades adicionales, con las cuales, además de divertirte, podrás reforzar lo que has aprendido.

Description: Memory game to practice As...as.

Keywords: Am, is, are, as...as, am not, is not, are not

Grammar: Verb to be and adjectives.
Description: Practice telling time on both ways: analog and digital.

Keywords: Time, Clock.

Grammar: Events and Times
Description: Word search


Grammar: Vocabulary
Description: Frequency adverbs practice (simple present)

Keywords: Frequency adverbs, Adverbs of frequency, always, never, sometimes.

Grammar: Simple Present
Description: Self evaluation of simple present.

Keywords: Frequency adverbs, Adverbs of frequency, always, never, sometimes.

Grammar: Simple Present
Description: Vocabulary practice of daily routine (simple present)

Keywords: Verbs, infinitives, daily activities, rutines, chores.

Grammar: Simple present
Description: Practice of daily routine verbs (simple present)

Keywords: Verbs, infinitives, daily, activities, rutines, chores.

Grammar: Simple present
Description: Students practice with the pronouns reviewed.


Grammar: Reflexive and possessive pronouns.
Description: Students practice their listening skills. Students fill in the blank with the correct form of the pronoun.

Keywords: Pronouns reflexive and possessive, subject.

Grammar: Reflexive pronouns, possessive pronouns, subject pronouns.
Description:Students read guidelines to write an advice letter.


Grammar: possessive pronouns and reflexive pronouns.
Description: Drag and drop activity.

Keywords: Pronouns: subject, object, possessive and reflexive.

Grammar: Pronouns: subject, object, possessive and reflexive.

En esta sección encontrarás distintos juegos y cuestionarios que te permitirán autoevaluarte en las cuatro habilidades, e identificar rápidamente qué temas se te dificultan más.


Encontrarás diversos sitios electrónicos que enriquecerán tu experiencia de aprendizaje del idioma inglés.

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